This year, TPC is presenting quarterly on topics relevant to Pipeline professionals. These events are virtual, with an in-person BoF and reception planned at SIGGRAPH 2024 in Denver.
Events will be recorded if permission given, and can be found on our Pipeline youtube channel.

July 2024

Watch this space for upcoming dates

In person BoF at SIGGRAPH 2024 in Denver, between July 29 – August 1.

June 2024

Watch this space for upcoming dates.

March 2024

Thursday, March 28: 2pm Pacific Time
Stellar Creative Labs: A practical implementation of USD

Youtube link coming soon.

Stellar Creative Labs Co-Founder and Pipeline teams will share their USD R&D journey across game, cinematics and VFX workflows. Fermi Perumal, Stellar’s Pipeline Supervisor and Bert Van Brande, Stellar’s Co-Founder will share their R&D efforts and pipeline journey for feature and episodic productions.

  • How Stellar has leveraged its USD pipeline efforts to support major studio projects?
  • What are the challenges of instrumenting USD within pipelines?
  • How Stellar has integrated USD across its tool library and studio workflows?
  • Sneak Peek at a Stellar’s USD Viewer implementation

We are excited to hear from Stellar’s Pipeline Supervisor, Fermi Perumal (Fermi Perumal) and Stellar’s Co-Founder Bert Van Brande on their USD journey. Prior to joining Stellar, Fermi was a pipeline engineer and technical director at Sony Pictures ImageWorks and Bron Studios. Bert’s background includes several years with Alias/Wavefront deploying pipelines throughout Europe and the middle east. Bert later moved to Sony Pictures ImageWorks at a CG and Pipeline Supervisor on “The Polar Express”, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Tuesday, March 26: 8am Pacific Time
How USD is supporting evolution of film & game pipelines at Ubisoft?
Youtube link coming soon.

Ubisoft’s Technology and Pipeline teams will share their USD R&D journey across game, cinematics and VFX workflows. Cyrus Rahgoshay and Alessandro Bernardi share 25 years of technology and engineering with Ubisoft focused on efficiencies and operating

  • Understanding how USD is leveraged within Games, Cinematics & VFX Pipelines
  • What are the challenges of instrumenting USD within games pipelines?
  • Best Practices and Tooling for Pipeline Integration
  • How is Ubisoft leveraging business process flows and microservices into its USD pipeline efforts?

Ubisoft is a world leading game studio with 21,000 employees with studio production around the globe. Ubisoft is known for legendary titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 6, Prince of Persia and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

In 2022, Cyrus and Alex presented Ubisoft’s implementation of USD at the 2022 Digipro conference. They will present how the USD pipeline was designed on a microservices architecture to enable 3D file format interchangeability across multiple Ubisoft studio locations and teams.

That Pipeline R&D effort has evolved initially within Game Cinematics at Ubisoft and today is supporting multiple elements of the game development lifecycle.

We are excited to hear from Cyrus and Alex on their USD journey, how Ubisoft leveraged the strengths of a USD implementation and designed around some of the technical limitations of USD within the Games context.