Please note that this is not the full list but only a preview. Check back frequently for updates. The conference is scheduled for July 27-29th, 2021 PDT

Airbus and the Data-Driven Pipeline

Deep learning requires the use of a huge amount of training data to develop and test a successful neural network model that generalizes well. We present a data-driven pipeline for the creation of synthetic imagery and the acquisition of real imagery and data for the development of autonomous flying vehicles.

Anastasio Garcia

Wayfinder’s simulation team lead at Acubed, Airbus innovation center

Harvest Zhang

Wayfinder’s perception team lead at Acubed, Airbus innovation center

Alexis Casas


Women in Pipeline

A panel of women currently working in pipeline at major companies like, ILM, Disney Animation, and MPC, discuss what it means to be a woman working in pipeline.

Katalina Williams

Head of Pipeline at MPC

Kelsey Hurley

Technical Supervisor at Disney Animation

Sarah Trop

Pipeline Technical Director at ILM

Fran Benjamin


CyberSecurity in a Post-COVID World

With the majority of workers working remotely, security has become a concern like never before. In this talk Spencer Stephens shares MovieLab’s research into cybersecurity, production technology and cloud workflows.

Spenser Stevens

SVP Production Technology and Security at MovieLabs

Rob Blau


The 8th Pipeline Awards

The Pipeline Awards recognizes excellence in the development and integration of CG pipelines. The tools and people that save loads of time and mix creative genius with a clear grasp of how to make a laborious process easier and faster.