August 23rd 2022 PDT

[9:00 am] 2022 Keynote: Richard Chuang

Richard Chuang, a co-founder of PDI, will talk about the early days, from building the first pipeline, to where it’s at now. Then look at developments in the industry in terms of where we would like to be vs. where we actually are…

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Richard Chuang

[10:00 am] Virtual Production Pipeline Evolution

Virtual production’s use of LED volumes have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. We will focus on the technical impacts of Virtual Production on the CGI/3D pipelines to support further adoption of real-time technology.

Aaron Daly
Virtual Production & Realtime,

Brad Blackboun
Head of Virtual Production,  The Third Floor (UK)
Erik Weaver
Head of Virtual & Adaptive Production,
Entertainment Technology Center
Josh Kerekes
Head of Virtual Production,

[11:00 am] Blender’s New Pipeline

We will focus on the challenges and benefits of building/relying on a Blender-centric pipeline, and sharing all the knowledge in public. This will be done through an overview of the technical solutions developed during the Sprite Fright and Project Heist.

Francesco Siddi
General Manager, Blender Studios
Paul Golter
Pipeline TD, Blender Studios

[12:30 pm] PipelineX in Retrospect

DreamWorks plans to take attendees behind the scenes to expose some of the rougher edges around building a brand new, Cloud-centric platform. We will discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what adjustments DreamWorks continues to make.

Brett Schlank
Tech Lead,
DreamWorks Animation
Doug Sherman
VP Engineering,
DreamWorks Animation
Michael Ferguson
Sr. Software Engineer, DreamWorks Animation
[01:30 pm] Pipeline Outside of M&E: Neoscape and the arch viz pipeline

Get a glimpse into the world of the arch viz pipeline where up to 100 projects are in the studio at any given time. Neoscape will describe a unique industry where the balance between creative freedom and project constraints keeps things very interesting indeed.

Nils Norgren
Founder/Chief Technology Officer, Neoscape
Jerry Chen
Senior Digital Artist, Neoscape

[02:30 pm] ASWF Project Updates: pipeline impacts

A pipeline is heavily dependent on open source software. In this talk we explore changes in this year’s releases from ASWF projects, and how the foundation is working to improve software features, balanced with performance and stability.

Emily Olin
Dir. Marketing Communications, ASWF
Kimball Thurston
Technical Advisory Council Chair, ASWF

[03:30 pm] Efficient Data Exchange within Client/Vendor Agnostic Production Models

Paramount Animation along with vendor studio collaborators, has proposed a data format to catalog delivery packages such that their contents can be identified efficiently during the ingest process

Andrew Titcomb
Principal Technical Director,
Paramount Animation
Beau Casey
Software Developer
Karyn Buczek Monschein
VP of Animation Technology,
Paramount Animatio
Patrick Kueking
Central Coordinator,
Paramount Animation
Tiffany Yen
Technical Director,
Paramount Animation
Vijoy Gaddipati
Effects artist, Pipeline TD

[04:30 pm] Communicating the Value of Pipeline – Presentations

Large and small studios share best practices and share experiences in articulating and communicating a strong understanding of expected efficiencies and the longer term consequences of turning down R&D projects. 

Aaron Thibault
VP of Strategic Operations, Gearbox
Bert Van Brande Founder/Studio Head,
Stellar Creative Lab
Jonathan Gagnon
Director of R&D, FOLKS VFX
Laurence Cymet
Head of Technology, WeFX

[05:30 pm] Communicating the Value of Pipeline – Discussion

We will discuss the best ways to communicate the value of pipeline to decision makers

Doug Sherman
VP Engineering,
DreamWorks Animation

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