This talk focuses on how Wizart Animation completely transformed their pipeline and moved their development towards USD, evolving their in-house USD editor and using its extensibility to make an animated feature.

July 27th, 10:40 – 11:20 PDT
Alexander Kalyuzhnyy (Speaker)
Wizart Animation, R&D Supervisor
Alexey Staroselets (Speaker)
Type Thursday, Graphic Designer/ Typographer

As an indie animation studio for Netflix’s Secret Magic Control Agency, we completely transformed our pipeline and moved our development towards USD. In the migration process, we found that none of the existing USD plugins could satisfy our pipeline goals, be affordable for our budget constraints, and simply easier for our artists to learn. Instead, we developed an extensible direct USD editor with the long-term goal to open-source it to the wider community. This talk is focused on evolving our in-house USD editor and the example of how we used its extensibility to make an animated feature. To name a few:

• Direct USD Scene Assembly, Modeling, and AnimX tools
• Hair System with the full graph in USD/Hydra
• Lighting toolset, with procedural on-demand scenegraph generation engine
• Non-Hydra based rendering backend for the final frame rendering

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