The Pipeline Awards recognize excellence in the development and integration of CG pipelines. The tools and people that save loads of time and mix creative genius with a clear grasp of how to make a laborious process easier and faster.

The 8th Annual Pipeline Awards ceremony was hosted by the comedian Andy Erikson, with moderator Den Serras.

Pipeline Tool Award Winner

This year, the 8th Annual Pipeline Tool Award goes to OpenTimelineIO. Congratulations!

OpenTimelineIO is an open-source API and interchange format for editorial cut information with a large community of developers and users. It is like a modern EDL which can be used to read, write, and manipulate editorial data, and supports plugins for converting between other formats. Initially created by Pixar, it was chosen as one of the first projects to be hosted by the Academy Software Foundation, and contributors come from all over the industry — including Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Netflix.

Accepting on behalf of OpenTimelineIO are:

Joshua Minor, Eric Reinecke, Stephan Steinbach
Nick Porcino, Den Serras (Awards Ceremony Moderator)

Pipeline Hero Award Winner

This award honors people who stand out in the industry, contributing to pipeline technologies at a studio or worldwide.

This year, the 8th Annual Pipeline Hero Award goes to Zero Dean, the founder of 3D-Pro!

Zero Dean

Zero is an author, photographer, artist, filmmaker, philosopher, and one-man-army who curates 3D-PRO. 3D-PRO is an esteemed international invite-only email discussion list of 3D, CG, FX, VR, Gaming, and other professionals working in related and complementary fields. For over two decades, the 3D-PRO discussion list has proven to be an invaluable resource among a who’s who of companies & individuals all over the world.

Let’s give another round of applause to the 8th Annual Pipeline Awards winners.

And last but not the least, a big shoutout to Netflix for sponsoring the 8th Annual Pipeline Awards. Thank you, Netflix.

Thank you all for attending this year’s awards ceremony and we are looking forward to seeing you next year as well. Also, we have a page dedicated to past winners as well, so do check it out.

~ The Pipeline Awards Committee.

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