TEXELS is a specialized company in software designed for the Animation and VFX industries. Our team experience comes from post-production and we have more 20 years experience in this field. TEXELS develop and distribute Kurtis, a nodal automation solution. Kurtis is production oriented and was designed with real production constraints in mind.

The goal of Kurtis is to optimize production time by automating tasks and ensuring data consistency. Kurtis allows you to create nodal graphs of processes by communicating with major industry software.

What’s make Kurtis outstanding?

  • A collaborative tool between all users and departments.
  • A visual programming tool to build and customize nodes and processing graphs.
  • Allows you to execute “en masse” processing graphs with your usual dispatcher.
  • A fully agnostic architecture to easily integrate with an existing pipeline.
  • A powerful API.

Kurtis is a time keeper for production. It is designed to build a robust and versatile pipeline, by automating processes for all production departments.