Yesterday The Pipeline Conference (TPC) was thrilled to run the 7th annual Pipeline Awards. This was the first time TPC hosted the awards and it was a ton of fun. Spreading knowledge about great pipeline work and recognizing those who advance the art of pipeline is central to the TPC mission. A huge congratulations to this year’s three winners.

We are looking forward to continuing the tradition next year.

Pipeline Tool Award Winner: Pyblish by Marcus Ottosson

Pyblish is a free, open-source (LGPL) framework written in Python that brings test-driven development to visual effects and triple-A game creation, hosted on GitHub.

Overview video for Pyblish
Pipeline Tool Award Winner

Pyblish is designed to unify artists, platform and software under a single publishing mechanism. Written in cross-compatible pure-Python 2 and 3, Pyblish runs wherever Python runs (and in places where it does not).

Pipeline Hero Award Winners: Fran Benjamin and Alexis Casas

This year’s award committee was excited to surprise TPC’s own Fran Zandonella Benjamin and Alexis Casas with this year’s Pipeline Hero award. Fran and Alexis have devoted huge amounts of their time to growing a worldwide pipeline community, through area meet ups, the SIGGRAPH  Global Pipeline BoFs, and now through The Pipeline Conference. Their commitment to the pipeline community has created a way for us all to gather together and share what we know.

Fran Zandonella Benjamin
Alexis Casas
Pipeline Hero Award Winners

Congratulations Fran and Alexis!

Thanks to everybody who attended!

A big thanks to all of you who attended this year’s awards and to Den Serras for MC’ing the event. We hope you had fun and were inspired to nominate your favorite pipeline tools and heros for next year’s awards!

Dennis Serras (MC for TPC 2020 Pipeline Awards)

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