It is said, it takes a village to make a movie. The same applies to getting a conference together. Day 1 of the DigiPro + The Pipeline Conference was a memorable one and the chairs, committee members, and volunteers are a happy bunch.

Here is a picture from the end of day 1 check-in of some of the villagers 🙂

Christopher Janney, Tram Le-Jones, Satish Goda
Rob Blau, Fran Zandonella, Tim Yanalunas,
Sunil Rampersad, Golriz Fanai, Trina Roy

Now, let’s wind up the tape and recap all the events that transpired on the first day of the conference.

Chairs Introduction

Rob Blau, Leila Fouque, Rob Pieke
Claudia Chung Sanii, Golriz Fanai, Tram Le-Jones

Wizart DCC Platform in Production

Alexander Kalyuzhnyy blew a lot of minds while demonstrating the Universal Scene Description-based pipeline that he and his team developed at Wizart Animation.

Women in Pipeline

The first panel of the day informed us how the panelist landed a job that they are passionate about and also delved into what it means to be a woman in the pipeline, amongst other informative topics.

Fran Zandonella Benjamin, Kelsey Hurley,
Sarah Trop, Katalina Williams

You can read more about this talk at

We’d also like to give a shoutout to the following DigiPro talk (s) centered around Machine Learning in Animation and Rigging. You can read more about it and all other DigiPro talks at and also the DigiPro website.

Pipeline for Pipelines: DevOps for pipeline development

This series of talks followed by a panel was the most attended session of the day and a lot of questions were addressed by the panelists.

John Hood, Ryan Bottriell,
Danny Tiesling, Fedrico Naum

You can

Transitioning to the cloud for a pipeline developer

In this series of talks, followed by a panel discussion, the challenges, gotchas, and the foundations necessary for a pipeline developer seeking to transition to the cloud were covered in great detail.

Doug Sherman, Natasha Kelkar, Mathieu Mazerolle
Justen Marshall, Francois Lebel

More information is available at

Virtual Reception

The final event of the day was a Virtual Reception in GatherTown, which makes virtual interaction more human.

Following is one snapshot of a very engaging virtual interaction (which also included some music and dancing). Do join us there tomorrow.


A big shoutout to our sponsors whose support made organizing this conference possible.

Day 2

Day 2 is packed with more interesting talks/panels and ends with the DigiPro KeyNote: “Protecting Identities With Digital Veils” by Ryan Laney.

See you tomorrow. 🙂

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